Stephen Mizell

Pastor, Author, Speaker

Did This Really Happen In Church?

The church is a solemn place of quiet contemplation and worship. Or is it? What happens when things go off the rails, someone gets ahold of a microphone, or the unexpected suddenly takes over? Did This Really Happen In Church is an uproarious compendium of one hundred surprising, crazy, and downright hilarious stories about what happens when the unexpected happens in church. Filled with true stories taken from Pastor Stephen Mizell and others, this book will have tears rolling down your cheeks as you read wild tales of things no one ever expected to happen in church.

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 The Long Walk Back

Read Stephen's personal story of redemption. Learn how Stephen experienced the depths of personal and public failure, but managed to find a path back toward success and fulfillment.

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The Marriage Healing Journey

Your Marriage is your most important relationship on this earth, don't let it be defined by anger, frustration, and disappointment. Learn how to love each other deeply, meet your spouse's needs, and create the marriage you've always dreamed about.

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