5 Changes You Should Reflect On Based On Psalm 73

Uncategorized May 05, 2022

We preached on Psalm 73 this week. This Psalm is attributed to Asaph. In it, Asaph talks about the trouble he has as he looks around at the success of people he considers wicked. Their success is having a negative impact on his mental health and his spiritual life.

He talks about how comparing their life to his causes him to stumble. Then he gets confused and questions God. Finally, he realizes his heart has become bitter, and he needs to change.

Technology makes comparison easy. It promotes comparison. It affects us subconsciously, whether we realize it or not. Here are five ways we can make changes as we reflect on Psalm 73. 

Be Careful Comparing

Comparison can be challenging. When we are in a healthy place and use it as a way to learn, comparison can benefit us. When we are not healthy, it can lead to covetousness and frustration. If you grow from the comparison, that is one thing. If it will disrupt your contentment, avoid it at all costs.

Don’t Let Comparison Cause You To Exaggerate

The writer talks about how other people live painless, trouble-free lives. They are healthy and have no issues. There is not a single person who does not have trouble and pain from time to time. This is what comparing can do for us. It causes us to exaggerate how good their situation seems to be and make ours worse than it is. 

Don’t Make Judgments On Pieces Of A Story

When you talk about someone else’s life or situation, you only have a piece of the story, usually a very small piece of the story. There are two sides to every story, but your troubles and point of view also cloud your side. Comparison causes us to create a biography on someone we only have a couple of facts about. 

Don’t Confuse Their Life With Your Life

We are not called to live someone else’s life. We are called to live the life God created for us. Comparison causes us to be distracted and confused, and we take paths based on what someone else is doing instead of the destiny God has for us. Don’t allow another person’s dream to dominate your to-do list. 

Find Ways To Recenter Your Life

Finally, Asaph went to the house of the Lord and was able to realize his errors. He saw that his heart was bitter, and he had been focusing on the wrong things. Once he was able to turn his eyes back toward God, his own life came into better focus. When we find ways to recenter ourselves mentally and spiritually, it can keep us from being misguided by another person’s life.

The highlight reel of social media can fool us at times. Don’t be distracted by it. The most content place you will ever be is living the life God has designed for you. 


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