5 Takeaways From 1 Samuel 16

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2022

This past Sunday was Easter Sunday. Traditionally pastors would use a text that addressed the resurrection. Our church is reading through the Bible chronologically, and this presented a challenge since our reading this week was from 1 Samuel and Psalms.

We did preach on the resurrection, but we led in with a text from 1 Samuel 16. We considered just preaching from this text but chose to address it in the introduction.

This passage is where Samuel anoints David to become the new king of Israel. Here are my five takeaways from this text.

At Some Point, We Have To Move On

Samuel was mourning Saul. He either loved Saul or wanted the stability of a long-term king. God had rejected Saul either way, and Samuel was mourning this loss. He knew that Saul’s time was limited, but it still made him sad. God finally asked Samuel how long he was going to continue mourning. It was time to move on. Mourning is necessary. So are healing and progress. At some point, we have to move on. Long-term mourning will not change the situation.

David Was Not Even Invited To The Celebration

Seven of the sons of Jesse received an invitation and were purified so they could participate in the offering. But David was left in the field. He did not even qualify to make it to dinner. Maybe it was because David was the youngest. Perhaps it was because he didn’t look “kingly.” In any case, his father did not think enough of him to invite him to the celebration.

God Is Looking For A Heart He Can Use

Much is written about David’s heart. Saul had the physical qualifications to be king. His heart was just not in the right place. David’s brothers had the physical traits, but their hearts did not please God either. God chose David because of his heart. “Man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart.”

Don’t Proceed Without God’s Approval

Samuel would not eat until David arrived. He was so intent on being obedient that he wanted to carry out God’s plan before continuing the celebration. Making sure we complete our assignment will make the celebration times even sweeter.

The Spirit Is The Difference Maker

From the day of David’s anointing, the Spirit of the Lord came upon him powerfully. It would be the difference-maker in his life. Nothing has changed. The Spirit is still the difference-maker for all of us. 

I wish I could have spent more time on this text Sunday. I am glad I get to share a few things here. What are your thoughts about this story?


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