5 Takeaways From Joshua 4

Uncategorized Mar 31, 2022

The sermon this week came from Joshua 4. The Lord has parted the Jordan River, and the Israelites are crossing on dry ground. Joshua had twelve stones taken from the riverbed to commemorate what the Lord had done, and they made a memorial. He also stacked twelve stones in the river where the priests stood with the Ark of the Covenant. He told them that the memorial would be there so their children would ask questions. Here are my 5 Takeaways from “Memorials of Testimony” in Joshua 4.

You Have A Personal Story

There are stories we can tell about others. We can recite verses from memory that we have learned from the Bible. But the greatest impact you will have on those around you is when you tell them the personal way God has impacted your life. The things that God has done for you are personally powerful. Stories stick. It is why Jesus communicated using stories. The most powerful witnessing tool you have is your own story.

You Get To Choose What Is Written

I understand that you do not control everything that happens in life. But what people will remember are the choices we make and the outcomes that come along with those choices. Sometimes we are tagged with our bad decisions and their unfortunate consequences. Other times we have made the right choices and taken the correct path, which people remember. You are writing your story every day. What story do you want people to read?

Every Life Has Defining Moments

The Jordan crossing and the memorial were defining moments for Joshua and his leadership. It says that the people revered him as much as Moses from that day forward. Every decision we make is not life-altering. But some moments change the trajectory of our life and our family. Sometimes it can take years to see the full impact a choice has made. But those moments come to define us and the life we live. Be aware of life-altering moments and choices.

Our Impact Is Generational 

The life I live and the choices I make affect me and everyone around me. There are very few solo decisions. Many of the decisions we make have generational influence. Who we marry. The job we take. The walk of faith we choose. The integrity in which we choose to live. Our children, grandchildren, and generations following are guided by our choices today. My grandchildren are affected by my grandmother's decision to follow Christ. Four generations later, they follow Christ because of her choice to follow Christ nearly 100 years ago.

We Should Have Spiritual Landmarks

I shared Sunday stories of faith that my father shared with me, things that God had done for him and our family. One of the reasons I blog, journal, and write books is to create landmarks that will live past me. I want those coming behind me to know about the times the mighty hand of the Lord came through in my life. 

This week, my prayer for you is that you will seize opportunities to write a new story and tell an old one. Your story about your faith in Christ will make a difference in the lives of others. 


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