5 Takeaways From Numbers 16

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2022

Starting this week, I will change the direction of my blog for at least the remainder of the year. Our church is reading through the chronological order of the Bible. Each week I preach a sermon from part of that week’s reading. Starting today, I will provide five takeaways each Thursday from the sermon the previous Sunday.

This past week our text was from Numbers 16 as we talked about the “God Test of Rebellions”. Here are five things I have been pondering since Sunday.

Conspiracies Are Dangerous

Korah conspired against Moses and Aaron. Conspiracies usually contain just enough truth for people to buy in. What is true is that the nation of Israel was God’s people, and they were set apart. It was not true that all of them could not attain the priesthood. Partial truths create unnecessary rebellions.

We Should Encourage Good Works Not Incite Rebellions

Korah incited the people. He used the conspiracy of a partial truth to get people stirred up. Hebrews 10:24 says we should spur people to good works. We are usually moving the needle one way or the other. We can incite rebellions or encourage people to do good things. It is difficult to promote both.

We Can Always Find Contentment Operating In God’s Assignment

Korah had chosen not to be content with the assignment given. His family carried the furnishings of the Tabernacle. Instead, he wanted the priesthood. That was not his assignment. Learning to live with contentment where God has placed us is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and the world. 

Our Memory Is Faulty

In response to Moses, Dathan and Abiram refer to Egypt as a land flowing with milk and honey. They were exaggerating how good things were and overlooking how much they suffered.  Some people allow their rearview mirror to become bigger than their windshield. We forget what things were like. We talk about the “good ol’ days” instead of appreciating the present gift God has given us. 

Real Leaders Will Intercede On Behalf Of People Who Have Turned Against Them

Twice Moses and Aaron intercede for the people not to be killed. Those people are protesting and rebelling against them, and God plans to kill them. Instead, Moses and Aaron ask God not to. Many leaders are thin-skinned. If someone doesn’t like them, they write them off. Real leaders intercede for people who have turned against them. Pray for everyone. 

What has been on your mind since Sunday? Feel free to share it with me.


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