5 Takeaways From Tipping Point by Jimmy Evans

Uncategorized May 26, 2021

I am not a person who spends a lot of time reading about end-time prophecy. I have chosen to live like Jesus was coming back today and work like He is never coming back. But that approach does not eliminate that Jesus Christ will return, and some signs point to that.

Recently I read Tipping Point by Jimmy Evans. The subtitle to the book is The End Is Here. This type of book was a stretch for me. It is out of the normal scope of books I choose, but I find value in stretching myself. Maybe the things I share here will make you more aware of what is going on around you.

I didn’t see things exactly as the author, but I will leave them for another time. Here are my 5 Thursday Thoughts from Tipping Point by Jimmy Evans. 

The Bible Contains Prophecy That Is Relevant Today

If the Bible is a guide for our lives, then it is relevant. There are things scripture tells us that will come to pass. Some of those things are coming to pass. I do not clearly understand every prophecy in the Bible, but that does not make it less relevant or authentic. 

Israel Is A Large Part of Biblical Prophecy

There is no way to deny the role of Israel and the Jewish people in Biblical prophecy. The Old Testament centers around God’s chosen people. Many of the New Testament authors are Jews. Jesus is Jewish. Many of the events listed in the end-times prophecy happen in and around the nation of Israel and include protections for some Jewish people. It doesn’t matter how you view the nation or the people. You cannot ignore them in the end-times prophecy. 

Prophecy Should Bring Comfort To Believers

Many have used signs and discussions of the end times to scare people. I remember watching movies like A Thief In The Night and being scared to death as a young person. The purpose of prophecy for believers is to bring comfort, not fear. 

Timelines Are Debatable

When? That is the number one question people want an answer to when it comes to the end times. The truth is that there is no perfect answer. We are not meant to know when Christ will return. What particular things mean at certain times is not always discernible. When we waste our time trying to pin down an exact time, we seek something we were never intended to know. We get signs, not dates. 

Don’t Be Led Astray

One of the common themes of end-times discussions will be the falling away of believers. People are deceived and distracted from what matters. This falling away is a common theme of many New Testament writers, whether discussing end times or not. Avoiding false prophets and the dangers of being led astray is important at all times. 

This book is not for everyone. I agreed with some things, while others I did not. Unless you are prepared to weed through these passages, their context, and some good commentaries, stick with just reading the Bible or another book I recommend here. 


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