5 Things I Love About Football Season

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2021

Football season is in full swing. It is one of my favorite times of the year. It is the only sport that I can watch no matter what teams are playing. 

Since I am an East Carolina alumni, I have season tickets to their games. I enjoy attending in person, but I also enjoy watching on television. I was raised on the Washington Redskins and NC State Wolfpack. I have added East Carolina and the Carolina Panthers to that lineup of favorite teams. 

My wife also enjoys football season, especially the in-person games. She is not as much into the game as the things surrounding the game. There are lots of people that way.

I am glad to have football back. In honor of teams on the field and fans in the stands, here are my 5 Thursday Thoughts about why I love college football season. 


I love the passion of football season. I find it to be more evident in high school and college football than in professional football. It could be the element of students that makes the difference. The passion of fans is just fun to watch. The way they dress. The volume of their cheers. The amount of time spent in preparation to get to a game. The amount of money they spend to attend a game. People have their favorite teams and they support them. Passion spreads the fun along to others.


The people of football season are fun. First, the people I enjoy the games with make it better whether we are watching a game on television or attending a game in person. Then, the power of a crowd is enchanting. The thunder of thousands of people cheering and clapping is moving. After the long absence from those venues, it is even more exciting now. Add to this the people you get to watch. In large crowds, there are always a few spectacles you find yourself laughing at or embarrassed for. The people around football season make it so much better.


I love a good upset unless it is my team being upset. There is something about the underdog occasionally winning that gives everyone hope. Watching a team that is completely outmanned figure out how to put a single game together and beat someone they should have no chance against is exhilarating. Everyone wants to believe they have a chance.


Leadership is on display year after year. Great leaders produce great teams. Great leaders are not always coaches. Sometimes a single player with great leadership skills can be the difference-maker for a team. Last year’s Super Bowl winner is a prime example with the addition of Tom Brady. Over the years, it becomes clear that consistently good leadership keeps teams at the top. As a student of leadership, it is always a reminder of the power of great leaders.


I am a competitor. History tells us that people have been drawn to watching competitions for centuries. It is exciting to watch people with high skill levels pit their abilities against one another. All of the stress, emotion, excitement, and exhilaration that competition brings bleeds over to everyone watching. Whether we win or lose, we are usually made stronger when we compete.

What is your favorite sporting season? Who is your favorite team? How do you celebrate during football season? I would love to hear from you. Maybe I will see you at a game. 


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