5 Things I Take Photos of When I Travel

Uncategorized Jul 07, 2022

When people ask me if I have a hobby, I usually respond that travel is my hobby. I don’t hunt, fish, or race cars, but I love traveling.

Over time I have found ways to travel more efficiently and less expensively. Those things may appear in another blog. This week I want to talk about the things I photograph while traveling.

There are plenty of photos to be taken while traveling. Photos are a way to keep track of the places you have been and the memories you have made. But there are some practical things you need photos of that will make traveling easier and safer. Here are five important things to take photos of when you travel.

Where I Park My Vehicle

When I exit my vehicle at the airport, I take a photo of the marker for the area where I parked my car. While writing this, my car is parked on lever 6D in the parking garage at my departure gate. I will be away for 14 days, and so many things will happen before I return. When I land, I am usually exhausted. Trying to remember where I parked can be a challenge. But having a photo on my phone with the location takes all the guesswork out. 

Room Number

I will take a photo of the room number when I get to my hotel room. Most modern card systems do not have the room number printed on them. The first couple of times, returning to the room may be confusing depending on the size of the hotel. I travel enough that room numbers start to run together. Having it on my phone keeps my brain from having to remember so I can focus on other things. 


A passport is usually required if you are traveling out of the country. Losing it can be a real problem. But there are lots of documents that need your passport information. A photo of it keeps you from having to take it out each time. You can retrieve the information right from your phone. I keep pictures of mine in a file in Evernote. It may also make things easier if you lose it. 

Rental Car Condition

Rental car companies usually allow a walk-around to inspect the vehicle. Some agents are careless or will tell you that minor scratches don’t matter. But when you show back up with a scratch they overlooked, and they want to charge you for damage, that can be a pain. Paying for rental car damage can be expensive. Taking photos during that inspection, especially of imperfections, can save you a lot of headaches, time, and money. 

Restaurants I Want To Remember

I love to eat. When I travel, it is one of the things I plan early. When I find a great place, I recommend it to others and return when I visit again. It can be challenging to remember the names of every restaurant. Taking a picture will improve your memory dramatically. You can also send it to a friend, so they will know what to look for when they visit. Food experiences while traveling enhances every part of the trip. 

There are other important things you can photograph. You might want to screenshot an airplane ticket or a city map just in case you lose service. Maybe you want a photo of an itinerary or event ticket. Just remember that photos are more than just for memories. They help your memory and make your trip easier and more enjoyable. 


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