My 53 favorite quotes from GrowthCon

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2023

Recently Barbara and I attended GrowthCon, a business and leadership conference in Las Vegas. It was a different environment than the conferences I usually attend, but the guests and speakers were first-class.

I try to make every environment I am in an opportunity for growth. This was no different. I took lots of notes and had several personal applications to take with me. I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes with you. Here are 53 of my favorite ones.

Elana Cardone

  • On marriage: Figure out your roles, stop fighting, support each other, and win at life.

Cathie Wood

  • Financial defensiveness is contrary to possibility.
  • Getting on the right side of change is important.

Stedman Graham

  • You cannot change your circumstances before you first change yourself.
  • If you turn your power over to someone else, they will always define you as less than they are.
  • The value you give yourself is directly related to the value that other people will give you.
  • Poverty is having no vision of who you can be.

Brandon Dawson

  • WE leadership before ME leadership.

Dana White

  • Get involved in things that interest you and others.
  • Be passionate about the business you own.

Robert Herjavic

  • It never seems extraordinary until you look back.
  • You need to have constant forward momentum.
  • You cannot be successful in life without investing in yourself.
  • You can’t be extraordinary unless you are in the right field.
  • Salary is capped by the job you do. Salary is limited to what people will pay you for the job. Entrepreneurship is capped by the way you serve others.
  • Your first investment should be in yourself.
  • Invest in things that give you a return.
  • If you are hard on yourself, life becomes easier.
  • You can be great at anything but can’t be great at everything.
  • No one wants to be left out. 

Megyn Kelly

  • Learn to thrive in criticism.
  • Align with the right people.
  • Run toward the danger and away from safety.

Kevin Turner

  • Great leaders have a divine discontentment. It is what drives them to the next thing.
  • Fail fast. Learn fast. Keep iterating.

Stephen A. Smith

  • Great people have a chip on their shoulder, but don’t wear their feelings on their sleeve.
  • Ignorant and arrogant is the worst combination.
  • No boss wants to listen to someone that only brings complaints.
  • There is no wealth without health.

Joe De Sana

  • I have found that fire, ready, aim works best for me. Build the plane while you are taking off.
  • When you do difficult things with clients, you build the strongest relationships. It is like going to war.

Sarah Blakely and Jesse Itzler

  • Learn to let things go that are less than a 7 on a scale of 1-10.
  • You have to be on the same page with values.
  • Don’t give up what you have chasing what you want.
  • Have rotating dinner guests with your children and force them to ask questions. 
  • When a child says something negative about one of their siblings, have them say three positive things about them before they can move on.
  • Aim high for your children.
  • I’m never too tired for my children.

Mark Wahlberg

  • Success comes from doing the work.
  • There is a difference in taking a check to endorse something and actually owning it.
  • Know the purpose of money in your life.

Tom Brady

  • The best part of winning is doing it with other people
  • Timing is everything. Know when to transition.
  • Always over-deliver. It builds respect and brings the greatest return.
  • Don’t be naive about the challenges of being great.
  • Do better with the opportunities you get.
  • What happens when you fail? Losses made me, not wins.
  • Get rid of the toxic players, and the team is immediately better.
  • Nature is what you are born with. Nurture is what you do with it. 

Grant Cardone

  • Don’t be afraid to reinvest.
  • Big things attract big people.
  • Stop trying to make things better that should be gotten rid of.
  • The money is being the owner/investor, not in being the boss.

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