My Experience on the Disney Wish Compared to Royal Caribbean and Carnival

Uncategorized May 04, 2023

Recently we had the pleasure of experiencing a cruise on the new Disney Wish with three of our grandchildren. We've been on several cruises with different companies, including Carnival and Royal Caribbean, and Disney Cruise Line far surpasses its competitors in several areas. Our experience was outstanding despite the bad weather on all but one day. Below are the five significant things that make Disney Cruise Line stand out.

Overall Food Experience

Disney Cruise Line takes dining to a whole new level. The "rotational dining" feature means guests rotate through three different themed restaurants during their stay, allowing for a unique dining experience every night. The food selection is on par with some of the finest restaurants on land, with menus created with adults and children in mind. The rotational dining system allows guests to establish relationships with their waitstaff, making them feel appreciated and like family. This high-level culinary experience was included with the price, whereas other cruise lines require you to pay extra to eat in nicer restaurants on board.

Broadway-Quality Shows

Disney is famous for its Broadway-quality shows, so it's no surprise that their cruise line would have the same level of entertainment. Every night there is a different show, from original Disney productions to classic favorites like Aladdin and Frozen. The show's quality is impressive, with incredible sets, costumes, and choreography, accompanied by some of Disney's greatest songs. On other cruise lines, there are casts of six to eight people. Each show on the Disney cruise had a cast of 25-30 people. 

Children's Programming

As expected from the family-friendly company, Disney Cruise Line offers exceptional programs for children ages six months to 17. With programs like "It's a Small World Nursery" and "Oceaneer Club," parents can be confident that their little ones are in good hands. Disney Cruise Line even has "Adults Only" areas so parents can have alone time while on the vacation of their dreams. The state-of-the-art facilities kept the kids engaged and wanting to come back. Another simple safety feature we noticed is that lifeguards require everyone to exit the pool at the top of each hour. This system required the children to check in with us at least once per hour. 

Room Comfort

When it comes to a good night's sleep, Disney Cruise Line delivers. The beds are comfortable, with high-quality linens and pillows, guaranteeing the perfect night's rest. The cabin's design makes the most out of the small space, with hidden storage and separate bathroom areas to make the experience stress-free. The shower and toilet are in different rooms, and our room had a full bathtub which is great for children. Five of us stayed in a single room and never felt cramped. 

Luxurious Furnishings

Disney Cruise Line's interiors are everything you would expect from Disney, luxurious and elegant without being cheesy. The attention to detail in the decor is impressive, with nods to the company's many beloved movies and characters. The furnishings and fixtures provide guests with a first-class experience that makes them feel like royalty.

Disney Cruise Line offers guests an all-around immersive experience, combining top-notch entertainment, dining, and activities with top-quality service. It's no wonder that Disney Cruise Line has become the go-to cruise line for families worldwide. If you're able to experience a Disney Cruise Line vacation, I guarantee it will be a trip of a lifetime with your children, and you'll be planning your return trip before you're even back on land.


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