Observations From Deuteronomy 7

Uncategorized Mar 24, 2022

This past Sunday, our reading took us to Deuteronomy 7 and the privilege of holiness. There is a difference between being made holy through Jesus Christ and walking uprightly or holy living. Jesus Christ makes us righteous. That is His gift to us. We choose to live a life of righteousness. That is our gift back to Him. Here are my five observations from Deuteronomy 7.

Our Actions Display Our Holiness

God told the people there were some things they had to do and others they could not do. He said the reason for this is because you are a holy people. Our holiness should have some external manifestations. 

His Love Makes Him Faithful

God honored his oath to Abraham because of His holiness. He loved the people of Israel even when they turned from Him. Our failures do not cause God to fail. He loves us, and His faithful love endures forever.

Some Blessings Come With Obedience

Boundaries provide safety for us and others. We learn at an early age that relationships are much safer when there are boundaries in place, and everyone observes them. We may not like obedience, but some blessings come along with obedience. Some of them are short-term, while others are long-term. God’s faithfulness should endear faithfulness in our own lives. 

God Will Help Us Overcome The Most Difficult Circumstances

God told Israel not to be afraid. He would go with them and defeat the enemies for them. Sometimes we excuse our behaviors by saying, “this is just who I am.” Jesus did not die on a cross so you could remain who you were. He dies to redeem you. He dies to set you free. Do not be afraid or overwhelmed by any enemy you may face. You are an overcomer through Jesus Christ. 

Things We Allow In Our Homes Can Trap Us

He warns them about coveting silver and gold. He cautions not to bring certain things into our home. Bringing forbidden things into our home creates a comfortableness that is dangerous. When we become comfortable with things God has forbidden, trouble is undoubtedly close by.

Holiness is a privilege, not a burden. It is something God chose for us. If He has chosen you, He will sustain you. 


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